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As of January 1 2013, SSF, the Swedish Theft Prevention Association transferred all of its testing operations to SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden in Borås, thereby initiating close collaboration between the two organizations and strengthening their collective expertise in testing and producing standards for security products.

The collaboration gives a stronger organization for testing a wide range of security products.
At the same time, SSF is reinforcing its role as influencer and developer of security standards from both a national and an international perspective.

SP is accredited for a number of standards by SWEDAC, which means that SWEDAC annually audits testing procedures and quality assurance. Read more on SP's website.

Why SSF believes it is important to test with SP and obtain a certificate from SBSC

It is important both to customers and to suppliers of security products that products being launched on the market maintain a high level of quality as well as satisfy the requirements set by insurance companies or other requirement-setting entities.

Testing and certification of security products are performed on behalf of manufacturers, importers or retailers. The products are tested according to the applicable standards or norms, which indicate what level of quality and performance the product should have.

A test report showing that the product has satisfied the requirements can be used as the basis for certification from SBSC, Svensk Brand och Säkerhetscertificering AB. A test report shows that the tested product fulfils the requirement. A certificate shows that the manufacturing process is under surveillance. This is made by annul audits at the production site. Take contact with the certification body first when you have te intention to test and certify your product.

The products, names of people and companies that are certified by SBSC (Svensk Brand och Säkerhetscertifiering) are published in SSF's, the Swedish Theft Prevention Association's Security Guide product catalogue.

The Security Guide is Sweden's largest catalogue of certified security products, people and companies. It is an important tool that insurance companies, the security industry, police, real estate management companies, municipalities, etc. use for recommendations, counselling and selection of security products.

Information is also available at

For more information contact

Mats Moberg

08-783 75 18

For certification

Thomas Hallin

Fredrik Backman