SSF 1074 Industrial gates – Classification, requirements and test methods

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Target demographic: Manufacturers, retailers, requirement specifiers

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Target demographic: Manufacturers, retailers, requirement specifiers

The standard encompasses requirements and test methods for industrial doors defined according to SS-EN 13241-1 with burglary-protective properties and their locking mechanisms. The testing methods only cover manual attacks against the door, its attachment, and locking, as well as methods referenced in related documents. For other properties of the door and CE marking, see SS-EN 13241-1. Industrial doors come in many different designs, such as hinged, folding, side-sliding, or overhead doors, etc. The resistance to burglary varies depending on, among other factors, construction method, size, and the environment in which they are used.

  • SSF 1074 ed. 1 – Industrial Doors – Classification, Requirements, and Testing.
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  • Dated: 2013-02-20
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